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Order:  2023

We process orders the OLD FASHIONED or NEW FASHIONED way.

OLD FASHION:  Print and fill out the form below (or just write what you want on a piece of paper) and send it our way with payment (business, personal or cashier's check, domestic or international money order, etc).       If you order in another currency just use the current exchange rate.

NEW FASHION:  We use the PAYPAL invoice system for processing CREDIT CARDS as well as payment from folks who have and wish to use PayPal accounts.  Customers send an email, or pdf my way sales@purcelltrench.com, call or text 509-675-1413 containing pertinent information - product(s) they want and name, shipping address, email address, telephone number and associated comments such as, "Need grill for a trip, leaving next Tuesday," "What does it cost to ship a Voyageurs grill to Argentina?" and so on. 

I must have an email address because that is how the PayPal invoice will find you.  Customer follows instructions with PayPal handling the financial transaction.  I do not see your financial information.

SHIPPING is $10 US dollars anywhere in North America, no matter how much or how little you order or where you live on the continent. 

Normal shipping is United States Post Office Priority Mail in the USA (including territories) and First Class International in the rest of North America.  For other destinations I will use whatever seems best based on consultation with postal authorities.  With our relatively small and light products that usually means US Postal Service International First Class.  See shipping.  Consult the shipper of your choice about cost and conditions.  I am happy to get quotes and shipping information for you.  I have had very few problems with foreign orders.

If you want to return a product and wish to be reimbursed or want an alternative product you must return the product you have.  If you feel the product does not meet warranty stipulations, you must return the product.  We have only had a few returns in 30 years.

I like the outdoors, and other business and pleasure take me away from the office occasionally.  If the shop is closed for more than a few days a notice will be posted on the home, grills and order pages.

For more information, go to the home page and use the links on the bottom of the page.

The Traveler series of grills has a choice of grill bag styles.  Please note your choice.


  Product Description & Price                                     

 ITEM                                                           PRICE/EA   Quantity      Price
 Solo Grill with no carry bag.                                                  $53    
 Packers Frame with light weight carry bag.                            $40    
 Packers Grill with light weight carry bag.                              $49    
 Packers 2 Grill with light weight carry bag.                           $59    
 Streamside Packers Grill with light weight carry bag.            $75     
 Travelers Grill with light or medium carry bag.                     $64    
 Streamside Travelers Grill with light or medium bag.            $84    
 Old Style Streamside Travelers Grill with  bag.                     $98    
 Voyageurs Grill with medium carry bag.                                 $91    
 Streamside Voyageurs Grill with medium bag.                      $127    
 Guides Grill with medium carry bag.                                     $153    
 Ti Solo Grill with no carry bag.                                              $70    
 Ti Packers Frame with light weight carry bag.                        $49       
 Ti Packers Grill with light carry bag.                                      $66    
 Ti Packers 2 Grill with light carry bag.                                   $77    
 Ti Streamside Packers Grill with light carry bag.                    $89    
 STIX (no carry bag) SS - $11 per set, Ti - $19 per set.    
 Postage in North America (actual cost elsewhere).                  $10    

WA residents add 7.6% sales tax on product cost.

# $


Please print or type your name, shipping address, telephone number, e-mail address and other relevant comment below.



Send your order and payment to:  Purcell Trench    P.O. Box 7    Addy, WA 99101    USA   1-509-675-1413 or e-mail  sales@purcelltrench.com  if you have questions or concerns.

Thank you for your business.