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Shipping/Returns:  2023


We charge a flat shipping fee per order for customers in North America, - no matter how much or how little you order or where you live in North America.  Right now that fee is $10 per order as long as shipping is through the US Postal Service.  Orders from outside North America are welcome; we charge the actual shipping cost.


I prefer sending products through the postal system via the best method.  In the USA (and territories) that is Priority Mail.  Outside the USA most of our products qualify for US Postal Service International First Class (packages under four pounds) and that is our normal shipping outside the USA and US territories.  Priority Mail includes tracking and some insurance.  International First Class may not include tracking or insurance.  Expect First Class International to require more travel time than Priority and shipping times can vary significantly depending on how busy postal and customs staff are.  International customers wishing tracking, insurance and reliable (6 to 10 business day) prompt delivery should select Priority International or other expedited delivery.  I am happy to provide quotes for a range of services before the customer makes a decision to purchase.  If you prefer using a shipper different than the postal service, such as UPS, the shipping cost will be the actual cost no matter where you live.


PayPal and PayPal for credit card transaction using the invoice method is standard policy.   For non-PayPal transactions (checks, money orders, etc.), payment may be in any currency.  The standard will be the exchange rate on product order date.  The customer is responsible for insurance, tariffs, duties, taxes, etc.  We do not charge handling or processing fees.  We welcome recommendations from the customer.  We have customers in numerous countries and have had very few delivery problems.


I do not normally insure shipments.  If you wish insurance, please request it and we will bill you at cost.  Priority Mail typically comes with enough insurance to cover replacement cost of the grill(s).


Any product purchased from Purcell Trench may be returned for a full refund of the purchase price, provided the product is returned in like new condition within a reasonable time period. 


We don't guarantee our products against abuse; but if you feel our products have failed to provide good service return the product with a note expressing your concerns.  We will replace, repair or refund your money.  We expect our grills to last many years or a few lifetimes and the bags to provide years of service.  So far, we haven't had a customer claim they wore out a grill or grill bag.


Don Tryon,  March 2016, revised January 2020.