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Backpacker Magazine requested our  Grills for a May 1998 product test.  Reviewer Paul Cleveland wrote:

"For cooking fresh-caught trout over an open fire, Purcell Trench stainless steel grills are tough to beat."

"During several backpacking trips in the northwest, I cooked cowboy-style over a small open fire.  I toasted bagels, grilled trout, and brewed coffee on these sturdy grills."

From the Red Lake Outfitters web site; Red Lake, Ontario, Canada:

"To complement our pots sets, all our grills are manufactured in the United States by Purcell Trench; the absolute best grill in the world."  "Made of precision welded stainless tubular steel, these grills are incredibly lightweight, and cool off within minutes allowing you to pack them away soon after taking them off the fire."

A few years ago, author Cliff Jacobson wrote:

"Purcell Trench makes the best grill I've ever used"

We asked if we could use the quote.  His reply:

"I use your grill all the time, and I recommend it heavily at my seminars.  It is by far the best lightweight grill on the planet.  Believe it!  I lead canoe trips in Northern Canada for the Science Museum of Minnesota and regularly cook for 10 people -- my teapot holds 32 cups, which is quite a load.  Your grill doesn't bend a millimeter!  And there's not a hint of warpage after 4 years."

"By all means quote me in your literature.  Your product is superb and I'm pleased to say so."

Respected canoe guide and outfitter, Jacobson, has written several best selling books on canoeing and camping, including the definitive Expedition Canoeing.

"In addition, I was deeply impressed with your Business Philosophy....Unfortunately, most of the Japanese mountaineering/hiking camping ground prohibit a fire, however, some of my favorite auto-camping ground permit me a direct open-fire....I believe the grills so enrich my life."  Hiromitsu Inamori

"I'm a SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) Specialist for the military.  I just returned from my 12th deployment this September since 2001.  I'm heading back out this spring to the Horn of Africa for 5 or 6 months....I'm interested in your Streamside Travelers grill for our operations here..."  Name Withheld

"We took the grill on our annual two week backcountry canoeing trip in the boundary waters/quetico.  It was a highlight of our trip and we couldn't be happier with it.  Many, many thanks."  Jennifer Schmit

"Very, very impressed with Purcell Trench.  The product quality and customer service are as good as it gets!"  Ben - IL.

Brock Evans, legendary protector of the environment, former Vice President of the National Audubon Society and Purcell Trench customer, sent us a note and remarked about his Travelers grill:

"...I love it!"

On May 15, 2000, John H. posted the following on www.outdoorreview.com.

"The absolute best no question fire grill."

"It is not everyday that you order a outdoors product or any product and receive the level of service that you and your company provides.  I have been purchasing outdoor gear for the last 10 years and have never once received the quality product, service or the personal touch that you have provided....You have a new customer for life and all of my hiking and kayaking friends will hear my praises of your products for years to come."  Martin DePerte

"A while back, I purchased a Streamside Traveler from you.  I'd like to say that I've used it a number of times now and I love it for when having a fire is an option.  I've grilled meats and vegetables on it, boiled water and even cooked omelets in a pan.  It's fantastic and so lightweight and strong.  Wonderful product."  Josh Newcom

"The grills arrived and are the same high quality as my Travelers Grill.  These are made with extraordinary workmanship and I am certain they will be used by my great-great grandchildren!...Your grills are the greatest!"  Andre Hagen

"Got the grills - they are fantastic - you should be selling these everywhere!  Bruce Austin

"...and my Packers Grill performed perfectly, as expected.  It's a great product and weighs less than half of my old grill.  My hiking partner on that trip is going to order one also."  John Hauf

"I just wanted to say thank you for making such a great product.  I just used my grill on a ten-day backpacking trip, and it performed wonderfully!  It was the most pleasant time I've ever had cooking on open fires,..."  Adam T. Kahualaulani Mick

"I work in engineering at a design & manufacturing company, and I'm familiar with good welding.  This one's top-notch.  We're excited to give it some use next month,...I'd love to see more stuff like yours out on the market.  I've got boxes full of crap that just didn't make the grade over the years..."  Scott Carroll

"I wanted to tell you something as well as order.  Your grills are not just the best, they are so much better than any other that it is hard to describe.  I have used a Travelers Grill for about 7 years.  It is not clean but other than that it is perfect.  I hope that fire will remain a part of the outdoor experience forever.  If so, your grills will be there."  John Hetzner

"First let me start by saying it's a pleasure doing business with you.  Your product line is outstanding."....  "I can't put into words easily enough to explain fully the satisfaction I have felt and experienced in cooking outdoors again thanks to the new Travelers Grill."...."I carry my grills on my motorcycle at all times.  And no matter where I am, I can always seem to find a way to gather rocks, tinder, wood and make a fire."...."I no longer fumble around leveling a pot or pan.  Functionality addressed, the craftsmanship is nothing short of perfection."  Geoffrey Beach

"I received my order of 1 Travelers Grill and 1 set STIX and am extremely pleased with the quality and value of your products."  Eugene Lodrini

"I have been a happy user of the Voyageur grill for years, and used it for many solo canoe trips.  I will have to send you some photos to add to your collection."  Glen Hooper

Well known Ontario ecologist, solo canoe traveler and winter trekker, Glen Hooper, has been praising Purcell Trench grills on the Internet for years.  You can read about his adventures on Canadian Canoe Routes (www.myccr.com).

"So nice doing business with you.  Not many of your type left in the world."  Eric Janke

"Into retirement goes the cut-down-oven grill I've used for years, and proudly use yours.  As a solo canoe camper, mostly in Arkansas, mostly fishing and camping rivers/streams, I build a fire almost daily when I'm out.  What you write about fire - and have compiled on your site - is the best I've read on the subject....It's been years since I felt so moved as the last hour I spent on your site reading your pages like Manifesto; Leave a Trace, and Philosophy.  I'm 42, my dad would be 72 - reading your pages is like talking to my dad-..."   John Northrop

"Just wanted to say thanks for the grills.  I have spent years trying to find a simple light grill...Your attention to detail in both the grill and covers is unmatched.  I will be posting reviews of them on the web sites & forums I frequent."  JR

"I just returned from my summer Quetico trip and have nothing but great things to say about your two grills that I purchased and used.  I only wish I had known about them many moons ago."  Steve Wilson

"Just got my Streamside Packer grill, it really is a work of art!"  Mark Rulli

"The new grill arrived safely and I took it to the Olympics over the weekend where it performed flawlessly searing some steaks, and was really a joy to use."  Jon-Paul

"The grill arrived today and everything about it exceeds me expectations.  I have been looking for this exact kind of product for years."

"I can't even begin to tell you how pleased I am with your product and the top notch customer service I received.  Companies like yours are a rare breed."  Chris Echter

"The money I spent on your Voyageur Grill was well worth it!  The design is PERFECT in my opinion."  Allen

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